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Healthy Weight For Life

This course will empower you for a healthier weight for life.  It includes the knowledge, insight, resources, tips, tools and  support with real stories from real people to help you achieve real success.  

You deserve a course that supports you in a meaningful and lasting way to reverse disease and achieve greater energy, clarity and wellbeing.

All of this is more affordable than one month of most weight loss medications!

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Foundations to Health (coming soon)

"To be prepared is half the victory" - Miguel De Cervantes

No matter how pretty the building is, with bad foundations it will collapse.  This course aims to give you the foundations to health so you can be strong in body and mind.  It includes the lifestyle changes required for good health, the body-mind and life hacks to behaviour change and the knowledge and insight to understand the language of modern health so you can be in more control of your health destiny.

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Your Thriving Mind (coming soon)

This course is for those suffering from depression, a common and cruel disorder.  Often understanding the beast is half the battle, whilst knowing your options to move forwards is the other.  In this course we cover both from body, mind and social causes to all types of therapies from crucial lifestyle improvements, psychological therapies, mind-body techniques, supplements, medications and more so you can move towards a better future.  

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The Beautiful Brain (coming soon)

This course is designed to help people understand the causes of brain aging and prevent and possibly slow down brain aging, dementia and improve cognitive function.  In this course we review many types of therapies from crucial lifestyle improvements such as food, movement, sleep, music, cognitive training and more, psychological therapies, mind-body techniques, supplements, medications and more so you can give your brain what it needs to stay beautiful.  

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A Hospital and Me (coming soon)

There is so much more we can do to help people optimise their own healing during their time in hospital, speed their recovery time and get them home sooner and healthier. From physical, social and psychological measures to understanding how to work well with your treating team, this course covers what you and your loved ones need to know and can actively do during a hospital admission to increase the chance of the best possible outcome.

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